CGY 2015: Day 1

Sunday, August 16, 2015 / Red Lodge, MT to Roberts, MT to Joliet, MT to Columbus, MT to Absarokee, MT / 60 miles

We arrived in Red Lodge late in the afternoon of the 15th, parked our car in long-term parking at the Red Lodge High School, and walked back to the park in the center of town where we were camping. On the way, we saw these two bucks sparing.

Sparing mule deer
Sparing bucks

The next morning, we packed up our tent and belongings and got them to the baggage truck and were on our way. The riding was flat with a tailwind and, therefore, fast. Lunch was in a park beside the Yellowstone River.

Relatively flat, open countryside
Relatively flat, open countryside
Lunch in a park beside the Yellowstone River

After lunch, we were riding beside a reservoir and I looked up an at the top of a bluff I saw a horse peeking over the edge. He appeared to contemplate the best way to come down closer to the road. I stopped and captured the decent!

Paint descending the bluff

In Absarokee, in our camp at the local high school, we met a local couple who were amazed at the tents and cyclists. They had lots of questions and were surprised that we had come all the way from Georgia to ride. They said that the main industry in the area was the Stillwater Mine, the only U.S. mine of palladium and platinum. The next day they said that we would be going through Nye and Fishtail where the schools have fewer than ten students each!

Our Absarokee camp
Camp dinner and entertainment area



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